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Welcome to the Draca Wards blog. Now that there are seven published books (print and e-book available through Amazon or , I feel it is time to flesh out the world and provide some insight into the characters. So have a look around!  

All 7 books of the Draca Wards Saga


The series features multiple protagonists; four boys and four girls. They may play major roles in some installments and more supportive roles in others, but they are all vital to the main story.  The protagonists all possess certain special powers. And they all have issues with dragons. 

For most of the books, the main setting takes place at an academy that offers four different courses of study: spellcasting, healing, reconnaissance, and general warfare training. Students begin their studies at ten and graduate six or seven years later, depending on what they are studying. The colleges offering these fields of training are named Arcanum, Somatica, Espies and Gladia, respectively. 

In addition to the human protagonists, dragons play an important part of the story. Some are antagonists and some are not. They all pursue the human protagonists in various ways, but for the exact same reason. 

Milina of Familiar Origins

Browsing through this website will bring you to some sample chapters and other tidbits of information. I will update the blog and the website periodically. Enjoy!


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