There are currently seven published books in the Draca Wards Saga. The series has followed the stories of the major characters through their early childhood and Academy years. Their stories currently take them out into the real world, where now some of them are heroes, some are powerful leaders, some are refugees and some are outlaws.  But the dragons still influence – and threaten- each and every one of them. And their stories are far from over.

Familiar Origins

Eight children. Sixteen dragons. A world at stake.


The children grow. The dragons watch.

Coming of Age

Their destinies are intertwined. They just don’t know it yet.

Glimpses of Destiny

The wards are no longer children.


Two wards are gone!
Will the others stand a chance without them?


Trouble, trouble, and more trouble…

The Fire King and the Battle Mage

The Fire King stirs, and the Battle Mage must choose.