How magic works here

One vital aspect of the world of the Draca Wards is the existence of multiple fields of magic. There is diversity in magical talent, so different people can wield magic in different ways.  

Five distinct fields of magic exist in the Draca Wards Saga. They are listed below in no particular order.

Physical magic – Not as oxymoronic as it sounds.

This is the classic “scroll and spellbook” kind of magic. This form of energy is called physical magic because it is a substantive part of the world, much like air or water, but not quite. Tools are needed to contain and manipulate this type of magical energy, and precise steps must be followed in order to craft a successful spell. Children who have the ability to handle physical magic are almost always sent away for training. The Academy’s Arcanum college, Sur’s Lyceum, Massea’s government-sanctioned mage school, and the independent Casters organization all train children to use physical magic.

Spiritual magic – This is white mage magic. And we all know that you don’t f*** with the white mage. 

The spirits of the dead are the source of this type of magic. However, this is not related to necromancy or similar ‘undead’ magics. This magic power is pure; a simple life essence passed along by roaming ghosts to those who are still alive and blessed with the ability to receive this energy. This magic is especially suited for healing and restoration procedures, so humans with the ability to wield spiritual magic are trained to be either physicians, Healers, priests, druids and Sanyasi. The Academy’s Somatica college is the only true secular training ground for spiritual magic users, and even these Healers will grant blessings and prayers if asked. 

Elemental magic – The classics, baby! No bending or flying bisons, however.

This is energy siphoned from the five classical “elements” – earth, water, fire, air and light. These five elements emit their unique power that a few humans can channel and use. This ability is extremely rare, and those who can wield elemental energy are usually drawn to each other in a kinship fashion. Elemental magic can be wielded in countless ways, especially when combining the different types of energies. Because of the dangerous nature of this magical ability, children with this power would be identified while still very young and trained as soon as possible. At present, however, only a select few people have any idea it even exists. Even scholars and historians are mostly unaware of this area of magic. Because of this and the unique way this magic manifests, children who aren’t lucky enough to have someone around to train them usually die at an early age from unfortunate freak accidents.  

Psychic magic – “I always thought she was mental. I guess I didn’t know the half of it!”  -Rohen, Coming of Age

Also called mental magic. People with psychic powers possess extra-sensory talents and a mysterious connection with one of the outer dimensions of existence- this is called the mental plane by dragons and scholars. This combination allows them to perform supernatural feats with little more than a thought. Because this power is so inconspicuous, psychic magic is still a mystery for most, and only Sur’s Lyceum provides formal training for psychics. In fact, the talent is presently seen as a threat, as it has been politicized in order to progress the agenda of a dragon. Presently, psychics are wrongly considered a danger to society in some nations, seen as ticking time bombs who will inevitably succumb to murderous insanity. 

Draca magic – It’s all about the dragons.

This magical field is not one accessible to humans, except under special circumstances.  This type of magic is different in that it is not drawn from the environment or a different plane. Dragons possess an innate ability to create their own magical power to use at their whim. Creating Draca magic consumes material in the environment around them, and is particular to earth, water, and surrounding flora, leaving a pile of ash in its stead. It is important to note that there is a variant of this power that will draw form the life essence of humans, dragons, and other animals instead of plants. This variant is one of the necare’s powers. 

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