How magic works here

So how does the magic work?

How to use physical magic:

Physical magic is a raw energy that needs the most ‘processing’. Harnessing the magic requires a container, like a page in a spellbook or a magic wand or rod designed to store physical magic. Symbols and letters are combined to convert the magic into a spell that a mage can study and retain in his or her own mind. The magic spell will remain stored in the mage’s mind until the mage casts, which can be a simple movement of the fingers or a complicated chant. Spells can be spoiled by deliberate physical, mental or emotional trauma, or by interrupting a mage’s concentration during his or her cast. 

Centuries of study and experimentation have turned physical magic into a sophiticated art, and methods have been developed to minimize the need for memorization and intricate casts. The versatility of this raw magic makes it the most versatile power, since any effect performed by other magical means can be replicated by physical magic, if the mage knows how to do it. 

How to use spiritual magic:

Summoning the dead for their life essence might sound morbidly evil, but spiritual magic in this world does not defile the dead. In this world a person’s soul lives on after death, eventually finding a new existence in the spiritual plane. For some, finding the spiritual plane does not take long. For others, the soul is unable to leave the physical plane (stuck), is unable to find its way to the next plane, or simply chooses to remain in the physical plane (for example, to help protect a loved one). These souls, or spirits, emit a unique energy while roaming the spiritual plane. This energy can be drawn by humans with the talent to wield spiritual energy, but the energy can only be drawn subject to the willingness of the spirit, or spirits, in question. Once the energy is drawn, the caster can complete a magic spell by directing the spirits. This can be done verbally through a prayer or chant, but if the caster is powerful, the spirits can figure out what the caster wants almost instinctively. 

How to use elemental magic:

Elemental magic is the most refined energy a magic user can wield. The characteristics of earth, water, fire, air and light are all distinct and have their own unique properties. This makes it simpler to make specific combinations of magical effects, especially when attributes of different elements are combined. Harnessing these energies works differently from the prior two fields. It may seem simple for the person who can draw elemental energy, but the process is the most complicated of all fields. 

A person able to wield elemental magic has three sources to draw from. The first source is from within, since there are traces of all elements in the human body- body heat can be stoked into fire and fire can emit light. The second source is the environment. The third source is from an outer dimension  called the elemental plane by some, although it is also called the emotional plane. Because the energy is siphoned into the wielder’s physical body, people who can use elemental energy are often called channelers.  

Elemental magic and human emotion is inextricably connected. Experiencing or ‘basking’ in one specific emotion will draw the channeler’s corresponding elemental energy. The combination is different for each channeler. 

How to use psychic magic:

Psychic powers are controlled with nothing more than a thought, but the psychic’s mind needs to be in the proper state and have the skill to control all thoughts with keen precision and a subconcious understanding of how to wield psychic energy. As a result, proper training and practice are required for a psychic to gain full control of his or her power. Unfortunately, because there is only one place in the world where a psychic can formally train, most people with psychic ability don’t even realize they possess this power. Those who are aware of their talent may have taught themselves a few minor tricks to make their lives easier, but not much more. Because the psychic has full control over this energy and its effects, it is the most reliable of all fields, but only when the mind is properly trained and conditioned. 

How Draca magic is wielded:

Draca magic is not a natural component of Domuara. It is an energy generated by an alien being, inaccessible to humans, and destructive in nature. As such, it is a power that is not well known and greatly feared by the humans who are aware of its existence. Only the dragons really know exactly how this power works. The necare variant of draca magic is an even deadlier force, absorbing the very life from living beings that would normally be unaffected by the properties of classic draca magic.

More to come…

I will delve into the potential power of these magical fields, and list pros and cons. Please browse around if you would like to learn more about the story. Happy reading!

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