So what’s the story all about?

Welcome to the Draca Wards blog. Now that there are seven published books and the next installment is in the works, I feel it is time to flesh out the world and provide some insight into the characters. So browse the website, and enjoy!  If not, then come back later, but since you’re here, here’s some story info!

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Eight Children. Sixteen dragons. A world at stake!

The Premise

A group of sixteen dragons all dwell in a foreign world where humans are the predominant intelligent species. The dragons consider humans inferior, but there is a fundamental disagreement as to whether they are responsible for caring and preserving the humans and their world, or they are entitled to occupy it and deal with the humans as they see fit. This conflict is destined to culminate in a mysterious series of events, where the outcome will be determined by which dragons have bonded with certain destined humans.  

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The Humans

The human world is going through a post-apocalyptic recovery, and because of this, their educational, technological, magical, and economic advancements differ greatly and are not always in sync. 

The Dragons

Although dragons are intellectually more advanced than humans, there is a philosophical divide among them regarding their role as a dominant species. One faction views their dominance as a responsibility, and view the many different existing worlds as a haven they must conserve and protect, while the other faction equates their superiority as a form of enlightenment where the universe is theirs to use for the benefit of the dragon species. 

The Main Characters

The main characters consist of four boys and four girls. They may play major roles in some books and supportive roles in others, but they are all vital to the main story. The protagonists all possess certain special powers. And they all have issues with dragons. 

The Setting (at first)

For most of the current books, the main setting takes place at an academy offering four different fields of study: spellcasting, healing, reconnaissance, and general warfare training. Students begin their studies at ten and graduate six or seven years later, depending on what they are studying. 


A school where they train? Is this a Harry Potter type of story?

No. The story continues long after the main characters complete their academy training, and as they go our into the world, there is more to discover, both out in the world and the powers within each character. The dragons also have arcs, and are not simple foils.

Interested so far?

You can read or watch some sample chapters. There are links throughout the website, or you can subscribe to my the DracaWards YouTube channel. Books are available through Amazon and Silver Leaf Books in ebook and print. I plan to open a store here soon for autograph books, so keep an eye out for that as well. Hope you enjoy the series, and thank you for stopping by. 

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